Without further delay here is what happened

After much discussion we ended up with a 44 page presentation split into four parts. The first part was an intro to the problem domain of performing collision detection within simulation of robotic systems. This part of the presentation was primarily targeted at our family and friends, so that they may understand how our specific project fit into a larger perspective.
The second part of the presentation was devoted to the algorithms involved in the project. We briefly described the two triangle-triangle collision test algorithms, the usage of bounding volume hierarchies, and the oriented bounding box collision tests.
In the third part called Platforms, we described how we had implemented the algorithms described from part two and subsequently introduced the two platforms: GeForce 8 and CELL/BE.
The fourth part was the presentation of our performance results.

(If you’re interested to see the presentation yourself it can be found on my webpage under projects, along with the full report. Both are in danish though.)

I had the privilege of starting the presentation. I was a bit nervous at first, but after a few slides I talked myself warm. It was actually a very nice to do the introduction part minded at our friends and family. I felt very motivated in describing what we were working with, and this flow served me well for the rest of the presentation.
Frederik did a good job as well and we kept our time limit perfectly.

After the presentation the floor was opened from questions from the general audience and of course also our examiners. The questions were varied, and I cannot remember them all. But it became quickly evident that Brian Vinther, the external examiner from Københavns Universitet was very proficient in the platforms we had used and so we got many questions in the topic of computer architecture.

It was also computer architecture that dominated as we progressed to the part where we would be examined individually.Aside from a thing or two that I didn’t know about lock-free data structures, there were not any large surprises though. It was clear that they many asked questions to the parts of the project that Frederik was responsible for and vice versa. This did not pose any problems as we have been very good at sharing information and decision making in the project.

So which grade did we get? Both me and Frederik got at a 10 (seven scale). Although we had hopes for a “super top grade”, we could easily agree with the shortcomings of the project that justified this grade.
What ever small disappointment we might have had of this grade, was quickly overshadowed by the fact that we had now endured a little over five years to earned the title of Master of Science in Computer Systems Engineering 🙂

Fishing failure

Since I’ve been having some more time lately after turning in the thesis, I wanted to go fishing again. The weather finally cleared up on the 17th of October, and with 2 hours of sunlight left in the afternoon I was about to grab my new 9″ rod and head for one of my favorite locations – Odense Å near Stige Ø.
But to my dismay I had forgotten that the fishing regulations prohibits fishing from the 1st of October to the first friday of March (see image below)…

The Nikon was along though, so I managed to grab a few shots.
The photo at the top is the “warm-water basin” near the power plant “Fynsværket”. I haven’t tried fishing there yet, but there seems to fish in it.
Below is the view from the top of Stige Ø back towards Odense.

I’ll be back soon – fishies you be warned!

Gone sailing

The 14th of October was a day with very nice weather, quite atypical for the autumn. I went sailing with my dad and brother (Sif the Golden Retriever was along too) in their Luffe 37 around in the bay of Helnæs.

Master Thesis Presentation

Today I needed a bunch of images for the 40-minute presentation on my master thesis that I will be doing along with Frederik on the 28th of october.

We managed to get hold of the Schunk prototype gripper for the photo session, but unfortunately it wasn’t mounted on any robot. Therefore we will only be using some manipulated closeups (trying to remove the fingers of Frederik holding the hand 🙂 )

I’m still a beginner at using my Nikon D40 SLR, and getting some decent shots proved to be difficult since the lighting wasn’t very good. With shutter speeds around 1/60 for the ambient lighting I had to go for flash shots, and with only the built-in available alot of reflection was evident.

For the presentation we have gone with using the Beamer class. It gives some very nice looking slides, and the author provides some nice tips on doing presentations in the manual.

There’s still a few buys days left, but the end is near!